Onboarding: uBlock Origin

Use the process below to install and configure uBlock Origin in your (desktop) browser.

Note: This process is for your PC or Mac, not mobile device (phone/tablet). If you need to install and configure uBlock Origin for Android go here. If you wish to configure uBlock Origin for iOS or within the Safari browser I'm afraid you're currently out of luck.

  1. Install the version of uBlock Origin appropriate for your browser:

    If you're not sure which one to use, install the one for Chrome or use this link to detect the best one for your (desktop) browser.

  2. Select the extension button and "pin" or "show" the uBlock Origin extension icon. You will want this icon to be visible.

  3. Select the uBlock Origin extension icon from the toolbar, then the settings button. This will open the extension Settings page.

  4. Switch to the Filter lists tab.

  5. Scroll to the bottom to the Custom section.

  6. Check the Import checkbox and type (or paste) the following URL in the text box:

  7. Finally, select the Apply changes button at the top of the Settings page.

  8. The new filter list will be saved and loaded, though sometimes it will not load completely until after a reboot.

  9. You may now close the tab and go about your browsing.